Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoo Miami


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  1. tldr

  2. Fantastic, but probably best to avoid the psychos…close call!

  3. Jenniy French is a diseased skank.

  4. This is pretty funny actually, I like it. Just a story but very well written. What’s with the TLDR? What else do you have to do in your life that’s so goddamned important?

  5. Tl;Dr

  6. @Diana
    Work, family, playing with the dog, home improvements, volunteering, making pies, gardening, posting comments to ignorant people that are subsidized by the government in one form or another either through their employment or lack thereof.

    Brevity is a virtue.

  7. Ok I just have to say.. my younger brother told my dads 40 yr old girlfriend the same thing about the counting the rings in animals.. but instead said it about dogs.. and umm she belived him