Angry Whopper

The Angry Whopper Killed My Baby

UHpinions Exclusive

This sandwich is an asshole. The combination of beef and onion rings is interesting… At first. Halfway through eating this monstrosity you have an out-of-body experience and your soul dies. A burger this angry could serve as a morning after pill or cause an abortion. If that doesn’t have you sold, the cluster of jalapeƱos and sauces will fucking kill you. Unless you have a terminal illness or fear of self-respect, I recommend sticking with the regular Whopper.

Review by UHpinionist Dustin P.


  1. Martin:

    LOL! Plan Burger

  2. Dr. Esperanto:

    Not The King’s fault if you are a whiny baby who can’t EAT LIKE A CHAMPION. The Angry Wopper is deeelicious!!

  3. Jax:

    The angry whopper will take ur first born

  4. LaFemmeGordita:

    Ha. Angry Whopper eating your baby like a bosssssss

  5. Ray A.:

    So … you liked it?

  6. Invisible_Jester25:

    Freaking wuss! Angry Whoppers aren’t EVEN hot! Why don’t you try tossing some Insanity Sauce on that bad boy, THEN we’ll see just how angry that whopper really is…

  7. rob e:

    Lmao. well at least I know if I get my old lady preggo I can just give her an angry whopper and call it good

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