Monday, July 18, 2011

Outback Steakhouse


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  1. This is the best one so far.

  2. LMFAO! This is hilarious!

  3. Outback steakhouse has crazy good steak and dats da TROOF

  4. as an AUSTRALIAN i am offended…..i can not believe people don’t know the difference between Australia and Austria…seriously! it is still rather funny, but how dumb can u be!

  5. creepedout chick

    Wow, I thought nothing could ever come close to my beloved Lamebook for sheer entertainment value but I was wrong, this place is sweet…now if only Dawnyal Funk Funk would write an UHpinion and bring Jo Jo and other friends from collage with her I’d be set for life!!!

  6. Megan, you’re making us Australians who can understand a little thing called ‘sarcasm’ look bad.

    I’m more offended by the fact that a restaurant such as ‘outback steakhouse’ actually tries to portray it’s shit as “Australian” to begin with. (A blooming onion? Wtf is that?)

  7. I’ll agree with Rep that the only thing Australian about Outback is the didgeridoo in the commercial. That being said, the blooming onion is deep fried awesomeness served with a zesty dipping sauce and the only thing worth going there for.

  8. As an Austrian I’m laughing my ass off because most of the time the confusion goes the other way around…

    There’s an old saying of Austrian tourists when meeting Americans abroad: “There are no kangaroos in Austria. Only Muh-Kuh” :D


  10. I heard some Americans (sorry, people from the US, I don’t mean ALL of you, of course) make confusion between Sweden and Switzerland and Austria and Australia (basic primary school geography, in a word)… I found out it’s true when an American man I know made both mistakes! He started telling me how Schwarzenegger lost his Australian accent!!


  12. Oh, and REP… we understand sarcasm…. its just that BoKnows is actually being serious…. there no sarcasm in what that boy is saying – he is genuinely a fucking moron.

  13. This dumbass got Austrian and Australian Confused… Freaking Idiot. Austria and Australia are not the same place.
    In Austria, you got yodeling, schnitzels and edelweiss, while in Australia, you got kangaroos, crocodiles and Ostriches…

    A good Australian restaurant is basically the same as you good American joint with more exotic meat for those interested. Which would make this restaurant perfectly within the theme of Australia…

    Once again, I call moron with a side of idiot…

  14. There’s no ostriches in Australia, DelfrCorp, only emus.

    Who’s calling moron with a side of idiot now?