Monday, July 18, 2011



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  1. I think I’ve been to this place or a place that looks vaguely similar.

  2. I am all up in this.

  3. The application she was talking about was a complaint form. Nice going. She wasn’t the only rude one. If you’re going to go complain about something, then at least be smart and polite about it, because then no one can say anything about the way you handled it, and you’re likely to get the upper hand. When you sound like an idiot, the corporation couldn’t give a flying bajango, especially when you’re complaining to the wrong place.

  4. Ambience: hispter

    that made me laugh! 😀

  5. hipster*

  6. So you expect them to care, but at the same time you yourself said “Why the fuck would I want to work at McDonalds?”
    Why the fuck should they care?

  7. Seriously, what an absolute douche. It’s McDonalds, get over yourself. I hope this self-righteous asshole felt better after cursing out someone who is probably trying to take care of a family on $7/hr.

  8. Umm…I think you all missed the sarcasm in her review.
    @ Muthahucka…No shit they it looks familiar. That is the whole idea in these chain store/restaurants. Familiarities no matter where you are in the country (and Canada) The bathrooms in them are all the same too. Delightful, clean and an olfactory dream. No wonder why the bums want to stay in there.
    After eating at this culinary delight I, like the homeless, find myself spending a lot of time in their bathrooms.
    Now you have been educated on how business should operate.
    @ howl666 The minimum wage in San Francisco is $9.92 an hour. WAY more then your quoted $7 an hour and easily enough money to not only support a family but enough so the wife can stay home with the kids. Especially in San Francisco where the living is cheap! So, sir. You have been corrected and warned to check your facts.

  9. to bernzomadic. are you fuckin stupid or somthing. i live in san fran and make 15 hour and canot suport my famly and my wife has to work to barly make rent so your wrong in many ways so you need to facts and why do you like to stay in there bathroom are you look for fat man after you done eat so go out and ate dick

  10. Whoever wrote that rating is not only rude, but stupid to boot. Anyone with any experience with chain stores/restaurants should have known that the lady was trying to direct them to an online compliant form, not a job application…