Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Horse Head Mask

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  1. Awsome!

  2. Totally getting this and being Sarah Jessica Parker for halloween!

  3. The whole thing is freakin’ hilarious, but the SJP costume did me in. AWESOME!

  4. Finally! A face to match my penis.

  5. Why aren’t you hiding their last names? You can find people on Amazon.com by their name.

    Just figured it was normal protocol.

  6. All of the reviews are hilarious, but I love the picture of the poor dog with the mask on!

  7. I am buying this right now. Hilarious! Can’t wait to do normal daily activities in this mask. Woo Hoo!!!

  8. OOOOOOOOOOO i want one

  9. This badboy helped me get free cosmos all night. I even gave SJP autographs to strangers!

  10. R.L.R. You are the horse’s fetlocks!