Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding Nemo

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  2. Haha, worst. babysitter. ever.

  3. Puppets?

  4. ScruffyLookingNerfHerder

    Cograts, asshat. Not only are you the world’s worst babysitter, you are also too stupid to understand that “Finding Nemo” was computer animated. That is a singular accomplishment, my friend.

  5. First off, who gives a 4 year old 7lt’s of caffeine before a movie. Obviously the kid isn’t going to want to go to the bathroom right up until he was ready to piss himself because he didn’t want to miss any of the movie.Secondly why did you give a CHILD fish after watching a movie about sweet little fish, are you on fucking drugs? Then get mad when he throws up because he thinks he just ate Nemo. If I was this person i would immediately get my tubes tied or a vasectomy because i think Casey Anthony should have another go at before you do.

  6. Do you commenters REALLY think this is a true review?

    I think you’ve been trolled.

  7. this looks shopped. i can tell by the pixels and the fact that someone as stupid as the reviewer claims to be wouldn’t have been able to spell and punctuate that well for that long.

  8. I laughed sooo hard at P.Sherman.

  9. OMFG. First of its not puppets you twat, it’s 3d graphics. Of course its fucking fake ITS A GOD DAMNED DISNEY CARTOON!

    Secondly I would NEVER trust you with children.

  10. LOL, Successful Troll has been successful.

  11. We need an UHpinionsFail site to submit screenshots of these retarded comments to.

  12. Dude… You guys aren’t really taking this seriously, are you?

    In other news, this was hillarious.

  13. Invisible_Jester25

    Oh… :c

    I really hope this person is just trolling rather than being a complete moron. Because giving a four year old fish sandwiches after he watched a film about animated fish is just cruel…

  14. This is a true story. My friend wrote this

  15. Hey Do, Your friend takes more balls to the face then a doge ball player with down syndrome.