Friday, August 26, 2011

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts


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  1. This site is perfect for douche hats who think they are funny, but aren’t.

  2. Is that why you’re on here Kimmi?

    What the fuck kind of name is Kimmi? That sounds like a fat girl’s name. You HAVE to be fat.

    Go somewhere else on the internet fatty.

  3. Why are you here James?

    What the fuck kind of name is James??? Sounds like a pedophile’s name. YOU MUST be a kiddy diddler.

    Go back to Pedo-Land Pedo-dick. =)

  4. Kimmi really DOES sound like a fat chick’s name.

  5. I know, right.

  6. Confirmed fatty: She commented on their facebook page and her profile picture is of that True Blood bitch.

  7. Let’s stick to the pickle, hmm?

  8. Awww, all this attention for little old me??? Sweet. So, I thought about looking up James’ FB page, but I don’t need comfirmation that you’re a dickless wonder. 😉
    I bet James looks like a less manly Chaz Bono.

  9. Kimmi, ahem, please fuck off and go back to the kitchen.

  10. I’ll get right on that. I just have to make a quick stop at the pharmacy and pick up the Aresenic for that yummy cake I’m baking for you. =D
    You seem to have a lot of repressed anger at me because I didn’t find this post funny. At all. Did you write this unpolished turd? Or are you just one of those guys that wishes he was a girl and therefore hates all ladies? Just wondering. I get a real “I have 20 heads in my freezer and a gaggle of girl scouts locked in my garage” kind of vibe from you and my vibes are rarely wrong.
    Let the girl scouts go. Please.