Tuesday, July 19, 2011



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  1. I think I might be the only person on this planet that can’t stand chick-fil-a. Plus they’re not open on Sunday. That’s dumb.

  2. Chick fil a is so good.


  4. I took a dump in a chick fil a one time. The fries are good. The cows can’t spell.

  5. I love chick fil a more than any child could ever come close to.

  6. HI Steeeever, so glad to see other fellow lamebookers traveling to the.. lameer side? Anywho.. this was pretty funny in the fact that WTF?! Mom and pop?! I couldn’t tell if these morons were being sarcastic, or just dreadfully sheltered. BTW, ChickFilA’s chicken taste like ass.. and it’s too expensive for what you get. Fast food should be priced as such. Meh.

  7. You aren’t alone James, it sucks.

  8. Chic fil a is part of an extremist christian organization. That is why they aren’t open on Sundays. Ever notice all the bible crap on their food bags and wrappers?

    They don’t care about feeding you. They want to convert you.

    And that is why I’ll never go to chic fil a. When I’m hungry, I want a decent meal, not religion.

  9. Yeah, one time i went there and I wrapped my mouth around a chicken sandwich and then realized it was a catholic priest’s wang. Never going here again.

  10. There’s a Chick-Fil-A opening where I live, finally. Yeah, it sucks that they’re stupid religious, but their chicken is also stupid delicious.


  11. haha mmmm jesus chicken. WWJCD?

  12. I work at Chick-fil-A and I have to say it is the best job I have ever had. Not to mention the food is

  13. God bless you, Austin. You and your ignorant idiosyncratic hippie moms and pops and your excellent breeding skillsand ability to define the difference between Go Weird local and Go Commercial chicken.

    Also, I worked there in high school. And yes, my youth pastor owned it. And no, it didn’t make me a better person. And no, I never ate there.


  14. i can’t tell if the lady is serious or totally messing with me… either way chic-fil-a is from atlanta and totally a chain fst food restuarant. nowhere close to being a local austin casual eatery…. so confused. ps serious or not, deffinately not entertaining.

  15. hahah hilarioouuuss

    sad thing is: there are probably plenty of clueless soccer moms in austin to do this sort of thing!

  16. @Sarahh, extremist Christian organization? Really? The founder is a Christian and does not believe in laboring on his sabbath. That’s all. If you don’t like it, don’t worry your silly little brain about it.

  17. fireflamesinferno


    Working there currently. Don’t love the job, the food is decent, but let me say. Definitively having one day off a week is awesome. So Sarah can go back to her extremist atheist organization and chill there with her fellow men and I will enjoy ma SUNDAYS.

  18. Hill Billy

  19. Uh dude? No hostess? Yeah, because it’s a fast food joint.