Monday, August 29, 2011

Amy’s Baking Company


See the owner’s response after the jump!

EDIT: Check out this news story regarding this review!

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  1. Wow you can be guaranteed after reading the owner’s response I would never have gone there. The original review, well sometimes they have a bad day. But the response just confirmed the owner’s an asshole, and unprofessional to boot.

  2. Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more, surplus. Though to be honest, I want to go there and try the pizza anyway, just so I can tell that jerk of an owner that it’s shit and demand my money back.

  3. Yikes. If you click through to the actual Yelp reviews you’ll see the owners stalk and harrass those that post a negative review, insisting on seeing receipts and claiming these people never ate at the restaurant and “imagined” it or are making it up. Talk about aggressive.

  4. LOL! This owner dude is just asking to be fucked with. Next time I am in Scottsdale, I am going to go here.

  5. I wonder if the boss is going to come here and try to argue that his shitty pizza is good.

  6. I live about 30 minutes away from this place. I’m very interested to try it now xD

  7. Not even Gordon Ramsey could save this jerk.

  8. “Ugly face” SOOOOO mature. As if he wasn’t looking like enough of an asshole already.

  9. That boss is a tool.

  10. Me thinks he doth protest too much! I reckon the the cook should get off the computer and get back to the kitchen.

  11. Seems to me like Amy B doesn’t comprehend that just because you SAY something, doesn’t mean it’s true. We call this “lying” typically. No idea how she assumes he’s a troll for the competition.

    And countering his vivid detail as to the subpar quality of the pizza with “EVERYONE LOVES OUR PIZZA!” not only is full of shit, but completely avoids even countering that the pizza isn’t shit.

    Also interesting to note the way she goes off on him being on the patio. He did not ever complain about the patio or claimed he was forced to sit there.

  12. The owner have some strong points and he seems to be passionate about what he does. Some people complain if they don’t get their food fast, and then complains if they get it too fast, crazy world.

  13. If you search the restaurant at, the owner harasses anyone who gives a bad review…pathetic!

  14. No wonder they’re advertising for all kinds of help. Who could work for a harridan like that?

  15. @Andariel, I have a strong feeling that the owner was mixing up bad reviews when talking about him sitting on the patio (in another bad review, someone complains about being forced to sit on the patio).

    This seems on par for the awesomely ridiculous responses from the owner.

  16. TL;DR takes on a whole new meaning on this site.

  17. I looked this up on Yelp and was pleased to see how many other people have called these people out on their poor behaviour. One reviewer even mentions seeing them on the news, so I wonder if there was a local piece about it. With all the bad reviews, I would not be surprised if they went out of business anytime soon.

  18. Like a boss

  19. Oh my, I read the owners responses to the bad reviews, I would be terrified to go in to a restaurant like that! The bad reviews don’t put me of, there are plenty of good ones to counter. But the owner! He just seems like a very unpleasant person!

  20. If I ordered a pizza costing as little as $14, I’d expect to be pretty mediocre.

    Sounds like a shitty pizza, but since he charges shitty-pizza prices then that’s okay.

  21. I’m want to comment on the first thing to stand out to me: A pizza margherita shouldn’t have pesto on it. So, either the reviewer is full of crap and doesn’t know what a tomato sauce is (or doesn’t know what a pizza margherita is), or the owner doesn’t know how to make his pies right. The fact that neither reviewer nor owner makes note of this, means they are both full of it and you shouldn’t go there to eat, or trust this reviewer.

  22. At least he had the herb right, Dude. Pesto doesn’t belong on a margherita but it does have basil. He may just have used the wrong word.

  23. yeah, but it should be in large pieces (often the entire leaf traditionally), unlike any pesto I’ve ever seen, where they are ground up. I still don’t trust the reviewer because of that, it’s a sign of someone who doesn’t know anyting about food and is trying to show off (like so many people I’ve come across who send food back to the kitchen with the generic comment of “it’s just not right”).

  24. Dude, look at some of his other reviews, he’s a very trustworthy reviewer and his one mistake makes little difference to that.

  25. I’ve been to Amy’s. It is legitimately as awful as he said it was. There is a reason Pita Jungle is packed until 10PM and no one is ever at Amy’s.

  26. No Opus, I was right the first time: both the reviewer and the owner of the place don’t know pizza. Went to the website for ABC and their menu lists Basil Pesto on the margherita pizza. First issue with that is it’s like saying you have you’re serving vegetarian Tofurkey for Thanksgiving, of course it’s Basil Pesto because that’s the one herb you make pesto with. Second issue, is a good chef would know better than to put a pesto on his margherita pizza, and a good reviewer would use that immediately to know not to order the thing (not to mention bringing it up as an issue in your review). I’ve read this guy’s reviews and I stand by my impression of him as the kind of guy who would send back food to show off (what 50 year-old uses WTF in a review and app for appetizer? a poser, that’s who).

  27. Hey, “dude”… eggs benedict is traditionally made with Canadian bacon, but some chefs substitute this for, dare I saw, SOMETHING ELSE. Such as crab cakes or salmon. This doesn’t mean that it can not be labeled eggs benedict. So what if the menu lists it as a margherita pizza. I think that Joel had more to say about the poor service and quality of the meal. A good reviewer tries things that are different. If we didn’t have chef’s and critics willing to try new things our meals would be pretty dull. But hey, that’s just me. How did you find Joel’s age? Seems odd that your stalking him so thoroughly. For lack of a better response, WTF? Just appreciate this in UHpinions. Its a great piece. Don’t ruin it for people looking for a good laugh.

  28. The customer is always right. Whether you agree with them or not, they’re the ones paying your bills and keeping you in business. This owner needs a good lesson in humility, as well as some social skills class. If you half ass something like a pizza, it’s going to show. By the way, attacking people who post negative comments only proves that you’re shit. With the economy being in the state it is, you’d better change your outlook quick or you’re gonna tank harder Lehman Brothers.

  29. AK1145, I’ve never seen eggs benedict with something substituted where the name wasn’t changed at least slightly to represent that (my favorite example being Hash House A Go-Go in Vegas and San Diego). This is just called a margherita pizza, not a pesto margherita pizza or something like that. It’d be like labeling something as maccaroni and cheese on your menu, but the maccaroni noodles have been replaced with fettucini noodles. As far as why I was reading his reviews, the commenter I was responding to told me to read his reviews to see if my opinion of him would change (it didn’t). Having been a restaurant reviewer on the radio, I can tell you that a good reviewer will talk about how something was a variation on the original (like by pointing out “there was one interesting thing about this crappy pizza, they put pesto sauce on it instead of the traditional basil”) rather than just blowing past it. Still a crappy review, still a restaurateur/chef who’s an idiot (I don’t think anyone’s going to argue with me on that one, considering the guy’s attitude towards unhappy customers).

  30. Hey, Dude, you are that guy who walks around trying to “educate” anyone that can or will listen, aren’t you? I thought you looked familiar… That wierd guy who noone really likes to hang out with because he insists that anything a person says is incorrect or could benefit from your input. I wanted to browse this site for funny posts. I assumed by the nature of the site everyone understood that these posts are for entertainment purposes. You take yourself way too seriously, Dude. Congratulations, you managed to turn an entertaining post followed by friendly banter into a tension filled dick measuring contest. NOONE CARES THAT YOU WERE A RESTAURANT CRITIC OR THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MARGHERITA PIZZA. Get over yourself. You haven’t taught us anything or even come close to making yourself look better than the blogger. You look like a stuck up loser who has nothing better to do but talk about the ignorance of others, while insisting that you know everything about any subject you bring up.

  31. ^ This guy just raped “the Dude” in the nostrils.

  32. Here is the owner on YouTube.

  33. Wow, sorry to make you so tense lilginger, sounds like you need to relax a bit. Take some time off, learn to chill, and calm down. The humor is supposed to be in the posts, why are you so concerned about the comments? Did you have something to actually add to the conversation? No, I didn’t think so. It seems like the only person taking me so seriously is the guy who decided to yell at me.

  34. In defense of lilginger, it is rather annoying to be scrolling through a ton of funny comments and then to come across the Dude’s comment about how both the chef and reviewer should not be trusted and whining about small discrepancies. It just takes the fun out of it. So lets just say “whoa, the owners are nuts!” and leave it at that.
    PS CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE!!! HE LOOKS LIKE A TOOL! This is how I imagine the Jersey Shore cast in 20 years!

  35. Dude,

    I don’t have time for creative writing and witticisms. Just suffice it to say that lilinger is NOT in the minority.

    His “critique” of you was spot on. You are annoying as hell and obviously suck the joy out of conversations on a daily basis.

    Hope you injure your typing fingers on your fall off the ole’ pedestal you’ve seated yourself on. Good luck, dude!

  36. I agree, The Dude is a dick.

  37. I’m completely unimpressed with the owners of “Amy’s Bistro To Hell”, and their web and video responses to this situation. Everything they’re doing and saying is the equivalent of tossing cans of lighter fluid onto a wildfire. The customer is NOT always right, but the customer DOES come first, I don’t care who they are. The goal of any business is to ensure that people that walk in your front door want to return, no matter what. The proper response to the original situation would have been to comp the guy’s meal, and either offer him something else for FREE then and there, or offer him a free entree should he choose to return on another day. The owners and staff of this hellhole need an extended day of training in customer service. They can be serving pizza layered in 24-karat gold, but if it’s served on top of a dog turd, it’s still gonna end up as worthless shit.

  38. I’m sure the answer is somehow “ad dollars” but why don’t you link to the review on the actual site it’s on? It’s really annoying to have to go to amazon or yelp or whatever and search when one of these posts piques your interest.

    As to the review, I guess I understand that when you pour your heart and soul into a small business you feel the need to feistily defend it, but a close friend should really pull this restaurant owner aside and tell her she’s shooting herself in the foot. Accusing “Joel L” of being a plant from a competitor just makes you sound humourless and borderline insane. And nobody wants insane people making their pizza however many organic ingredients it includes.

  39. She’s fucking ugly and a bitch. Lay off the makeup whore.

  40. Doesn’t it bother anyone else that the owner always capitolizes the ‘p’ in pizza? …. Maybe I’m just an english nazi.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be in AZ, let alone by this “fine establishment”.. but I still wouldn’t go to that place after seeing how unprofessional the owner can be.

  41. Wow, after seeing the way the owners conducted themselves in that interview, I wouldn’t visit that place if someone had paid me to do so. I have rarely seen two people act with less grace and civility. I can just imagine one of those two bringing an order to a table and saying, “Here’s your damn food. If you have a problem with it, then get the hell out. You had better pay first you filthy monkeys.”.

  42. I don’t let negative reviews deter me from trying things at least once so I can form my own opinions. As someone who has worked in food service for 17 years now, I know that restaurants can be caught on an “off night” or after a rush, or what have you. However with that said, what WOULD deter me from going to this place is the owner’s childish, unprofessional response to the criticism. I watched the news story and just cringed. It’s wonderful to have pride in your business and to feel as though you can guarantee everything is amazing. But to call names and say things like “Eh, we don’t need you!”, is absolutely, 100%, the WORST thing a restaurant owner can do. What she should have done was responded with something like, “I’m sorry you felt that way. Why don’t you accept a gift certificate of (X) amount of dollars, and give us another try?” Then the writer could have written either a retraction or an addendum.

    Would have still tried it after reading the review.
    Never in my right mind will I try it after seeing the response. Shame.

  43. I would totally try that place. I have seen many self righteous self proclaimed “food reviewers” try to take down competition on yelp for not being handled like a baby and honestly, if that woman gets that worked up about a pizza, I definitely at least want to try it. As a maker of things myself, its tiring to have to hear the constant bs about pricing and sell around importers/ resellers and franchises that can cut costs because they skimp on materials, lie about what they put in your food or have extra bank for advertising. If I lived there I would eat at that place!

  44. Jeebus, I read the reviews on yelp and these owners are psychos! My only hope is that people stop going here.